Whitechapel is a thriving area in London nowadays. The population in this area is growing at a fast rate. Whitechapel is an epic area which attracts residents and businesses people and the likes. After the council’s 15-year regeneration plan go through, Whitechapel will be the dream home for many. Large plans have been drawn up for the area include the reestablishment of the famous Old Royal London Hospital. Opening the new cross rail station; which will happen in 2018, and also, the delivery of new homes. Alongside these developments, a new Med City Campus will get built.Whitechapel vision report states that Whitechapel is going to be the most connected capital through transport. So, here you can start to expect a glut of Airbnb properties appearing here as they will attract tourists and business people alike as it’s only a short hop to the City, West-end and Canary Wharf.

The transport system will feature an impressive rail and a tube which will interchange at Whitechapel station. Through the cross rail, Whitechapel will be thirty-six minutes to Heathrow, seven minutes to City Airport, nine minutes from Bond Street, three minutes to Canary Wharf and five minutes to Stratford.

Whitechapel was once a refuge for the impoverished Londoners. At these times, Whitechapel stunk. In the late 16th century, Whitechapel became part of London. Since its positioning was outside the city walls, stinking industries grew there. In the mid-19th century, people evacuated to the city and established residence in the tanneries, breweries, and shops of Whitechapel. By this, the population increase made the area poverty stricken.By mid-1800s, Whitechapel alongside other areas such as Bethnal Green which became densely populated. The streets were dark, and they depicted disgusting environments which were dangerous and a home for the destitute. The larger parts of the population were prostitutes and seafarers.

The prostitutes often fell victims of murderer Jack the Ripper, a renown serial killer who never got caught. The killings brought panic, and Whitechapel trended for its vices.However, the situation was different in Victorian London. It exhibited a great contrast when compared to Whitechapel and the East End. Victorian was home for wealthy residents. It drew the attention of the leftist reformers as well as revolutionaries. An example is George Bernard Shaw, and Vladimir Lenin. Victorian remains to be a home of the Freedom Press, owing to the presence of anarchist publishing house. The revolutionary systems make Whitechapel boast as the mother of modern Philanthropists.

Today, Whitechapel is the perfect place to invest due to its location, hospital and connectivity with transport.