Wapping is a river town close to London that is steeped in history.  The Execution Dock dates back to the fifteenth century. Its claim to fame is not only being the largest port in its day but also home to many hangings.  Remember the pirate that inspired Treasure Island? Captain Kidd was caged, tarred and hanged in Wapping’s Execution Dock.  Today, Wapping is a popular river town with many residents commuting to London.

Distance to London

Wapping’s proximity to central London has made the town a not-so-well-kept secret amongst the City bankers and the like. Located only three miles from central London, Wapping is a meagre ten-minute commute by car. Public transportation is available by bus and the infamous London Tube (the British Underground railroad.) Alternatively, enjoy a boat ride to the City on the ferry!

Tour the Town

The town of Wapping is home to many historic sites that are popular with locals and tourists alike. Wilton’s Music Hall dates back to the 1850’s and is noted as being one of the oldest Grand Music Hall’s in the world. Tobacco Dock provides an outdoor space that frequently hosts cultural festivities (and is a scenic place to walk!) There are pirate ships to tour, historic pubs to relax with a pint, and a plethora of picturesque sites.

Picture This: Top Sites for Photographs

Wapping doesn’t technically translate to “beautiful town full of picturesque architecture,” but it should. The docks, the famed executioner’s steps, and the stained glass windows dating back to the Victorian era are favourites amongst professional photographers and tourists. Charles Dickens is one of Wapping’s most famous visitors; he was known to frequent the Wapping High Street. Be sure to photograph one of London’s oldest (and iconic) pubs: The Prospect of Whitby. (We hear it may have served Dickens a tipple or pint or more!)

Best Souvenirs

The town’s claim to fame was it’s executioner’s dock that was notorious for ending the lives of many pirates. The best souvenirs are a meaningful memento that is exclusive to the town. For Wapping, bring home a piece of a pirate’s treasure: jewellery, sweets, and antiques are ideal.

Eat, Drink, Sleep

Wapping’s architecture is a blend of historic Georgian townhouses and modern buildings housing studio apartments. The blend of traditional and contemporary architecture is indicative of the town’s philosophies: respecting tradition, embracing innovation. In Wapping, the restaurants and pubs serve traditional cuisine alongside establishments that excel at the latest culinary trend. The town has a strong walkability factor. Tourists and locals benefit from the convenience of enjoying a good food, good drinks, with good friends and finishing the night with a safe return to sleep. Tourists who want a genuine taste of Wapping tend to stay in a short-term rental that has a high approval rating. With Cleaning & Airbnb Management in Wapping , short-term rentals are a superb choice for visitors to eat, drink, sleep.