Poplar is a multi-ethnic district. It was mostly inhabited by workers who earn their living at the docks, and they were mainly Chinese, Indians, and Nubians. It got takes its name from the Black Poplar trees which once grew in the area, they were very rare and large trees that did well in wet conditions

Poplar had many docks, including the East and West India docks which were opened in 1802, they played a massive role in London’s development. The area was home to many industries, including warehousing, shipbuilding, and rope making. An East India company build a chapel which is now called the St Matthias Old Church. In 1817 Poplar became a parish, and it was dedicated formally to a religious purpose.

A new town was built on the East Indian dock, and the population continued to grow until 1900. Minimal house construction was done after 1870, and this led to overcrowding and poverty. It also led to a decline in the docks, and they were eventually shut down.

Borough of Poplar is known for the 1921 rebellion; the protest was mainly against property taxation. At the time Poplar was very poor, and it got no support from the government, so they had to raise funds by charging property. The poor were made to pay more compared to the rich, and they could not afford it. The rebellion started because the people wanted everyone to be charged the same amount. After that, the rules were changed and made fair. It was later known as “Poplarism.”

In this day and age, the only history left in Poplar is the council built flats, houses from the 1950s to the 1970s and some few structures like churches, public buildings, and pubs from the Second World War. In the new Poplar, there has been so much development, such as new homes and excellent transport. Poplar now has great advances for it’s walking distance to London’s new financial district Canary Wharf, help to make it property prices rise significantly.  Once Crossrail is complete, we expect another rise in the property prices and the number of properties that are available to rent.