The town of Limehouse owes its name to the historic lime kilns that dotted the docks. Limestone production was a lively industry for the town, along with ship builder and merchants. The town is steeped in history, especially in reference to Charles Dickens and the infamous opium dens of the 1800s. Today, the town is rich in the amenities one would find in nearby London; including celebrity chef-owned restaurants. The bustling river area is no longer a working dock, but the marina is a sight to see! Be sure to visit the historic The Grapes — it’s been operating at the same site for 500 years!

Distance to London

While only two and a half miles from central London, the twenty-minute drive to Limehouse showcases a different side of the city. The A13 is a direct route between the London and the river town. Visitors will find the accessibility of London’s iconic Underground appealing (and quick, a scant fifteen minutes!)

Tour the Town

Given Limehouse’s location on the northern bank of the River Thames, this location begs to be toured on foot. Of course, visitors shouldn’t be shy — live like the true Londoners! Rent a bike for the day! The British bike rental scheme is ideal for the travellers who wish to meander about the town.

Picture This: Top Sites for Photographs

Capture the sights while walking the paths Charles Dickens himself once toured. Narrow Street is home to one of the last Georgian terraces in town! Nearby, a historic pub is waiting to be Instagrammed by the foodies in all of us. The blend of historic and modern architecture that creates the skyline is a sight for any art aficionado. Walk along the marina to catch a rare glimpse of a ship or yacht. The non-working docks rarely see any action, but the waterscape is a lovely sight,

Beyond Union Jack: Best Souvenirs

When visiting Limehouse, the best advice is to buy from local business owners. The locals will never steer you wrong. Teas, chocolates, candies, and snacks are a tasty way to savour your stay once you return home. Don’t leave with regret: splurge on traditional British sweets! Also, look for antique and second-hand shops for a piece of old England at a fraction of the price of traditional souvenir shops. Bonus: it’s authentic!

Eat, Drink, Sleep

Eat local, sleep local. The benefit of an Airbnb managed micro-rental lies in its accessibility. Genuine British housing gives the visitor the luxury of personalized, authentic accommodations (with the peace of mind that the rental cleaning was conducted by a professional staff.) Enjoy your stay in Limehouse!