Situated on the former site of the West Indies Docks, Canary Wharf is the city’s second financial centres (City of London being the first.) This London neighbourhood has been a hub of commerce since the early 1800s. What began as a dock on the Isle of Dogs, built for the trade of sugar and spices from the West Indies, has become a financial powerhouse. Many of Europe’s major corporations, from media to banking, maintain their European (and often worldwide) headquarters in the office complexes of Canary Wharf.

Distance to London

Canary Wharf is a meagre five miles from central London.  Visitors are encouraged to use public transportation; bus, river bus, train, and light rail are available. This London neighbourhood is the city’s second financial centres (City of London being the first.) Driving the A1203 between Canary Wharf and central London is typically a gruelling forty-minute drive in typical traffic. Tourists and visitors who opt to drive will find that the docks have several accommodations for parking (including valet.)

Picture This: Top Sites for Photographs

There is no argument that Canary Wharf is a photographer’s paradise. The architecture, landscaping and iconic buildings make the area rich in picture-perfect hot spots. Amateur photographers and professionals alike can’t deny the temptation to document their visit to London’s finer neighbourhood on film. Be aware, Canary Wharf is a privately owned estate with strict guidelines on professional photography. Tourists, students, and hobbyists will find more relaxed rules. Before your trip to Canary Wharf, visit the estate’s website for guidance on photography.

Beyond the Union Jack: Canary Wharf’s Best Souvenirs

Write this down: return home with a pen. Not any stick ballpoint pen, tho. Buy yourself a fine an exquisite writing instrument that exemplifies the typical British appreciation for the art of hand-written notes. The Mont Blanc boutique housed in Canary Wharf is an ideal stop to purchase your souvenir. The architecture itself is a spectacle; bring your camera! While you might skip the Union Jack emblazoned souvenirs and novelties, don’t leave town without a bag full of traditional British edible gifts. The selection of Cadbury chocolates is decidedly superior to what is exported across the pond.

Eat, Drink, Sleep

Given Canary Wharf is a centre of commerce, housing some of the most elite institutions to work for, the plethora of dining options can be daunting. Whether you stop in a pub for a tipple or traditional English fare, the cuisine is varied and satisfying. Be sure to sample a range of foodie options. Casual meals and formal restaurants are abundant. Enjoy your time on the docks. When you are ready to retire to your sleeping quarters, be confident that your accommodations have been serviced by a professional cleaning company. Airbnb managed properties offer visitors an authentic taste of the town with the luxury of personal service.