Blackwall was a small district in Blackwall Stairs until the 14th century. The name Blackwall was derived from river Thames’ wall whose construction dates to the middle ages. Blackwall was situated on the meanders of the river, neighbouring Poplar’s East Marsh, the location of East India Docks constructed in the early 19th century. Blackwall relied on All Saints parish for it roads maintenance since there was no Anglican church there. The maintenance was poor due to lack of adequate financing. As a matter of fact, the entire Isle of Dogs was considered to be a Poplar District prior to the late 20th century. Limehouse parish is on the adjacent opposite side and comprises: Blackwall had a maritime reputation with Raleigh and Nelson having had homes in the district.

Virginia’s first colonists travelled by water in 1606, from Blackwall. Blackwall’s growing international trade later was later on brought by East India Docks. The old hamlet of Poplar, Millwall and Cubitt districts which were industrial hubs then, and the ancient Blackwall shipbuilding centre. Poplar has over the time developed and redeveloped on both small and large scale proportions owing to interests in mercantile and manufacturing in the nineteenth century and a reduction of industrial capacity and the redundancy of the docks in the Thames following the Second World War.…Today, public housing such as Lansbury Estate in conjunction with Festival of Britain established in 1951 is a major subject. Blackwall Point, which is River Thames’ landmark is contrary to many people’s expectations, located in the northern part of Greenwich Peninsula, south of Thames. The landmark is named after the “Blackwall Reach of the Thames”.

Blackwell is today famed for its underpass tunnels across the Thames dating from 1897 and 1960. The tunnel was the longest in the world upon its opening. The tunnel took six years to construct and saw the relocation of 641 residents of Greenwich. The tunnel cost a gross £1,400, 000 to complete. Sir Walter Raleigh’s house was among those affected by the relocation. Raleigh was the first person to smoke a pipe in England. Sir John de Pulteney who was London’s Mayor for four times and Sebastian Cabot were among the house’s former tenants.

Blackwall’s residential population has lately been on a decline save for the upcoming riverside apartments starting late in the 1980s. Since the rise of home sharing services like HomeAway and Airbnb, Blackwall has become a great location for tourists and visitors due to it’s proximity to Canary Wharf district and it’s easy access to the O2. It’s also perfect for Excel visitors as it’s within walking distance.