The original name of the Bethnal Green area was first noted in the 13th Century as Blithehale. The area at the time was many marshes and forest land. The names initially meant happy corner and over time became known as Blethenal Green, which got shortened to it’s present-day name.

The beggar if Bethnal Green, told the story of a local beggar who pulled of the amazing feat of getting his daughter married to a wealthy son of Simon de Montfort with a dowry of £3000. Although it’s possible that the story may be made up a Public House stands on the site that was believed where get begged for his small fortune. This pub is Know as the Blind Beggar, which became infamous with the gangster family of Kray Twins, as this is where they Ronnie Kray shot and murdered rival gang member George Cornell whilst sitting at the bar having a pint in March 1966.

World War II

Bethnal Green is well connected with its underground station, supported by the Central line and only one stop to Liverpool street station. This Station, however, was the site of London’s most cataphatic civilian deaths on the night of 1943 when the site was used as an air raid shelter. The entrance of the station was unfinished and a woman and her child slipped and fell. Before they knew it another man fell on top of them. In the darkness hundreds of others ran into this shelter not seeing the pandemonium in front of them, crushing one another. in total 173 people lost their lives that night including 62 children.

Bethnal Green during the wars was hit badly by the bombs of the Blitz, during the raids of Nazi German during the Second World War. Many homes and businesses were destroyed as the east end contained many of the docks and factories that Hilter wanted destroyed.


It’s located just to the east of Central London and Shoreditch in the West and in close proximity of Canary Wharf in the East, makes a fantastic location to place your property on to Airbnb. The yields may not be as high as areas like Whitechapel, but certainly, a good profit can be made from home sharing or renting your place as a whole.  Bethnal Green still to this date has the traditional Eastend Flavour which many tourists just love. Round the corner, is the world-famous Columbia Road Flower Market, which visitor to the capital just love.