Airbnb Faces Imminent Ban in Amsterdam

Proposed Bill requires Airbnb Hosts to Register with Mayor’s Office
May 31, 2018
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Airbnb Faces Imminent Ban in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the world party capital and the de-facto stag destination No.1, is set to call time on its 24/7 party.

The move, which follows in the footsteps of top tourist destinations in the world like Venice and Barcelona, is aimed at addressing the effect of mass tourism in Amsterdam in a bid to reverse the ‘Dysneyfication’ of the capital of Holland.

The proposal, which was announced by a coalition of four parties who are preparing to form the next government, will crack down on ‘fun rides’ like boozy boat trips, bear bikes and Segways.

It proposes to divert cruise ships from docking in the center of the city and also ban Airbnb rentals in the busiest areas of the city. Also to change is the current tourist tax that will rise from four to six percent to 7%. This will raise about $105m a year by 2022.

“Our duty is to ensure that the city remains liveable for all residents,” said Yvette Hofman, GroenLinks party spokesman told The Telegraph. ‘This issue is at the heart of our residents, who feel attacked by swelling crowds, partly because of illegal hotels and Airbnb.

The announcement follows a similar approach by Venice and other cities, which have adopted turnstiles and introduced permits. Barcelona, on the other hand, last year banned hotels.

Tourism was a key campaign issue in the recent Amsterdam elections, where tourist rental units have been criticized for compounding the already acute housing shortage.
Amsterdam continues to be among the top Airbnb destination, and has witnessed a big increase in the number of tourists.