Airbnb Crafts Own-Brand Typeface to Have a Uniform Look across All Platforms

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Airbnb Crafts Own-Brand Typeface to Have a Uniform Look across All Platforms

Airbnb has announced a new typeface called Cereal. The company wanted a font that would make its visual identity more cohesive on all its various platforms but that also functions as a global typeface.

According to Derek Chan, the creative lead for marketing at Airbnb, the company engages in extremely typographic work, and people experience their brand across different mediums that include Airbnbmag and the metro stop advertisements.

Specific Needs

He added that no typeface in the market was able to address its specific business needs around legibility, brand distinction and scalability. They needed a typeface that was capable of functioning beautifully both online and offline while reflecting their brand personality and this is why the company decided to design their own.

After trying without success to find a screen-optimized font system that would serve the company’s needs, they decided to work with Dalton Maag to craft a typeface.

“The fonts we reviewed were basically good for print and brand but not UI. We wanted a solution that would give a consistent voice on all platforms and mediums we support-web, android and iOS, said Karri Saarinen, Airbnb design lead for language systems.

The new typeface name was derived from a 2008 campaign which literally stopped the company from going under, according to Airbnb. The campaign involved designing and selling branded cereal based on John McCain and Barrack Obama during the US presidential election.

The company hopes that the new font type will increase readability and legibility of Airbnb platforms, because Cereal has been crafted to scale between online and print. It says it will increase the accessibility of the brand to more people.

The introduction of Cereal follows a recent trend for brands to adopt custom typefaces, placing a bigger emphasis on original typography.

Last year, YouTube launched its own font YouTube Sans, while Coca Cola did it in January this year.

Airbnb is set to roll out over the next couple of months across smartphone apps, Airbnb website and even sub-sites like its Newsroom.